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Get lean, maintain muscle, and do it with little to no cardio! This 90-day program offers a sustainable solution to dropping excess body fat, keeping metabolism high, and avoiding plateau. Workouts are 4-5 days per week, and take 45 minutes to an hour to complete.  You’ll get recommended sets, reps, and recovery time between exercises.

Course features:

  • 3 separate weight training programs with new training splits each month and new workouts every 2 weeks
  • HIIT and finishers to help you see results more quickly, and to turn you into a fat-burning machine
  • A meal guide that provides calorie-cycling and carb-cycling, along with tips for meal timing – all enable you to get leaner without feeling like you’re dieting all the time
  • Though the focus is on leaning down, the program provides specific exercises for maintaining an overall aesthetic shape
  • You’ll enjoy a variety of training methods as each week builds upon the last week. Supersets, compound sets, and circuits make each workout fun and challenging
  • Course is mobile-friendly, so you can take it to the gym with you!

You’ll need access to basic gym equipment and an understanding of basic exercises. Exercise demonstrations can be found at

I look forward to training with you and can’t wait to see your results!

1 review for Get Lean Program

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    Rebecca Dupree (Nee Gentle)

    I wanted to post a review for Get Lean to both thank Erin for her hard work pulling this course together and to highlight to you what is possible in just a relatively short amount of time. I am so made up with my result from the Get Lean program and I will be sure to use the program again in the future.

    The program itself is split into 3 distinct sections each with their own challenge to ensure that the course remains varied and interesting. There is no need for endless cardio because this course gets you both lifting heavy, and keeping hold of your muscle whilst you lean down, and the course gets your heart pumping with the finishers and the leg circuits.

    The meals plans also come with the program which you can follow or you can work out your own macros and eat your own food but the bonus of this program is that it recommends a carb cycling element which enables a few more carbs on training days and a bit more fat / lower carbs on non training days. This helped me keep up the pace of my weight loss.

    I recommend this course for anyone who wants to lean down and keep hold of their muscle (and maybe even gain a little).

    I lost 14lbs during the 90 days which i was very pleased with.

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