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Erin is a fitness model and bodybuilder who competes in the IFBB and has won over 14 titles. She is regarded as one of the greatest Figure icons in the history of bodybuilding.

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Get access to Erin’s Award-Winning Training Tips, Techniques, Courses, and Meal Plans to Train Hard and Get the Results You Want! Fit U includes home and gym workouts, HITT workouts, cardio workouts, macro calculators, and more tips and tools.

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Some members raving about FIT U and Erin's online programs.
Lottie D
Lottie D
Fit U Member
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The best coach you can possibly find... I've tried a couple and they're nowhere close to what Erin provides or represents. With a big understanding for individual needs combined with a huge source of knowledge and a great, warm personality. Highly recommended!"
Diane M
Diane M
Fit U Member
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"Erin has great workouts, diet plans with a grocery list. She answers your questions if you have them. She is very motivating."
Estrella S.
Estrella S.
Fit U Member
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I've seen my best results following the training by Erin Stern. Her programs are challenging yet fun. Not only is she an amazing coach she's committed in helping her clients succeed. Erin is the best in the fitness industry."
Irene M.
Irene M.
90 Day Program
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Erin Stern is currently my favorite female athlete and bodybuilder. She is super knowledgeable, intelligent, down-to-earth personable, humble, not to mention beautiful! Uh... did I mention that her workouts are brutal? You better be serious about your training! 😉💪🏼
Train With Erin


Are you ready to find a sustainable meal plan and program that fits your lifestyle and a training program that doesn’t take hours upon hours in the gym?

90 Day Program

Bikini Bod

This 90-day program focuses on building broad shoulders and round glutes, toning the arms and legs, defining core and reducing waist circumference. **Monthly meal guides are included.

90 Day Program

Glute Gains

Gym & Home workout options. Glute Gains will be released to a small group of ladies at first. Click “View Course” below to get more details.

90 Day Program


Get lean, maintain muscle, and do it with little to no steady state cardio! This 90-day program offers a sustainable solution to dropping excess body fat, keeping metabolism high, and avoiding plateau.

90 Day Program

Strong Curves

Build a superhero physique while leaning down with this 90-day comprehensive training program and meal guide. Workouts focus on building the upper back, shoulders, upper chest, glutes, and legs, while reducing waist size. Training is 5 days per week, and take about an hour each day to complete. You’ll have recommended sets, reps, and recovery time for each exercise.

90 Day Program


Gain strategic muscle without bulking with this 90-day comprehensive training program and meal guide. Based on traditional bodybuilding splits, workouts help you build all muscle groups to create an impressive physique. Workouts are 6 days per week, and take about an hour each day to complete.

90 Day Program

Fit From Home

A 90-day program is based on progression, so each week we’ll add a bit more volume and complexity to the workouts. A great feature of this program is the limited amount of equipment needed to do it!

Train With a Pro


Erin has created easy to follow programs. Each program was created to teach you training techniques, new ways of eating, and how to improve overall quality of life.

Home + Gym Options

Get in the best shape of your life - wherever you decide to train

Easy to Follow Programs

Each program offers exercise video demonstrations and downloadable content

Increase Strength

Programs are progression-based, which leads to better progress over time

Train Sustainably

Workouts are an hour or less. No excessive cardio and no crash diets

Train at Your Own Pace

90-day programs can be done at your own pace or join our membership group

Learn as You Train

Learn training techniques, new ways of eating, and how to improve overall quality of life