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Stephanie Lewis Vance:
I started my health journey in October 2011 at 250 lbs and 58% body fat. It was in 2014 that I happened across Erin and found solitude in what was a crazy confusing place of finding not just weight loss but better all around health and understanding of a healthier lifestyle. I turn to Erin often for her solid knowledge of fitness and nutrition. I just finished her 5 week shape and shred program and I just can’t believe going through 2019 recovering from an extensive achilles surgery that I was able to do what Erin helped me do in just 5 weeks! Erin is the real deal, always answering questions and providing exercise alternatives where needed. As if the 5 week program wasn’t enough, I also purchased her year all access membership and have many, many go-to recipes from her book The Bodybuilder’s Kitchen. I’ve got ample tools to continue my injury rebound. Thanks Erin!!

Beth Whitehouse:
“The challenge was amazing and fun! Everything from diet to workouts was provided plus a group of motivated ladies that inspired and encouraged! Erin was always available to answer questions and within 5 weeks the results were real. Give this gift you yourself! It’s only 5 weeks and so worth the effort and discipline!”

Kristin Clark-Frosaker:


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Suzanne Murray:
After shoulder surgery 5 years ago, I drifted away from exercise weight crept on. Having found Erin on you tube & using her videos & very limited  equipment in my garage to get to a reasonable level of fitness, I wanted to take training to the next level .

I bought Erin’s train like a body builder & the Bodybuilders kitchen to try & come up with a new regime.just as books arrived I saw Erin had a 5 week challenge via Facebook .

Perfect timing ( I’d still be flicking through those books) 

Seeing progress of other group members worldwide of all ages ( I’m 61 ) shapes & sizes overcoming their own nutrition / training hurdles spurred me on to complete the 5 weeks.

My only regret is not fully participating in the 2nd round . 

Here’s to the challenges 2020 brings 💪🏼

Siena McNamara:
I discovered Erin’s videos on YouTube one day and immediately loved them. Her content is precise, very informative and instructions are easy to follow. 

I also appreciate how well the videos are filmed with no added loud music during her exercises.

I feel that Erin is a genuine, professional athlete with priceless knowledge.

Heloise Idstein:
Since I started working out once more in spite of severe Emphysema and after a dual hip replacement, I am changing positively in unimaginable ways. Assisted by Erin on YouTube and her excellent explanations to the workouts, the single greatest behavioral change I have made, was to start moving. 
Once again my body became aware of the impact of food on my shortness of breath and energy level. I had lost the feeling for it. Now, after just a few weeks serious training, I no longer freeze continually. Thyroid issues are of the past. Blood levels are HEALTHY and my lung capacity has improved astronomically. I am able to do do a moderate intensity workout on the treadmill and I am increasing my distance and incline steadily. I walk like a ballerina with perfect balance and awareness thanks to her fantastic online classes.

I am pain free and regaining strength fast after being too weak to climb stairs unassisted and, my funny little stick arms are actually showing feminine curves. I am grateful to be here in this wonderful space This is where I will get strong and be healthy. Thanks Erin!

Kylie Courtright:
I started following Erin during the first oxygen challenge and have been hooked ever since! My favorite program is the 6 days of squats..it was the first one that I ever followed the meal plan throughout the entire program. The recipes are delicious and really help to understand the nutrition your body should be getting. Plus, the workouts are amazing and I saw really great results!

Laura Adams:
Yes and me. I’ve just finished the you 2.0 challenge. Also I love you’re bodybuilding cookbook its fabulous. A weekly favourite of my husbands is your muscle building meatloaf. I’m now looking to shred, so I’ll follow the Lean Out programme.

Kerry Regan:
Greetings from Perth – West Australia. Erin is informative & inspiring. The workouts I follow & can see amazing results. The mind body connection tips also very critical when I train. Grateful I found you Erin. Thank you.

Lola Rodriguez:
Love your workout videos new techniques for each muscle group. I feel I’m pro when adding your techniques in my workout routine.

Michelle Alan-Canchano:
I really appreciate your insight. Your knowledge and how you explain information is the most helpful that I have found.