How To Lose Fat Faster – A Simple Concept


The number one key to fat loss is to be in a caloric deficit or eat fewer calories than what you burn.

— I know, revolutionary idea, right? Stick with me…

This can be accomplished using any macro split or eating style of your choice. 

There are ways to boost your results, and it really comes down to a simple concept: inefficiency.

Faster Fat Loss with this Simple Concept

Inefficient exercises paired with tweaks to increase inefficiency in diet can produce improved results over time. This can, in turn, boost your fat loss results and make dieting a bit easier. It can also make it easier to maintain levels of leanness year round. 

Think about an engine for a minute. If an engine is fuel efficient, it’s going to use less fuel overall. Whereas an inefficient engine will burn through fuel like crazy. 

We want our bodies to be that “gas guzzling” inefficient engine, as this equates to a greater overall calorie burn.

Fat Loss Broke Down Into A Practical Application.

Swapping out or adding exercises to your program to help you lose weight…


Consider swapping out a belt operated cardio machine, like a treadmill, for another exercise where you propel yourself.

This includes:

  • stairs, walking
  • running hills
  • or walking/running outdoors.

Anywhere you’re able to push just a bit harder equates to a greater calorie burn.

Think about adding these exercises to your routines, as they’re highly inefficient:

  1. kettlebell swings
  2. burpees
  3. mountain climbers
  4. renegade rows
  5.  jumps
  6.  high knees
  7.  thrusters.

Tweaking your meals – Think about increasing protein, as this will boost metabolism with each meal.

✅ Protein takes more energy to digest than fats or carbs, thus increasing calorie burn.

✅ Veggies and fiber, in general, can slow down digestion, which can also help.

✅ Adding some caffeine, if you’re not caffeine sensitive, can boost calorie burn also.

To sum it up, creating inefficiency in your workouts and in your meals can aid in fat loss and body composition maintenance.

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Erin Stern

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