8 Tips for Boosting Motivation


When it comes to motivation, it’s important to understand that motivation can come from two places – intrinsic, from within, or extrinsic, from outside sources.

Intrinsic motivation is typically much longer lasting and can carry you a long way towards achieving your goals.

Here are 8 ways to almost instantly boost motivation levels and make motivation more lasting over time. 

 1. Set Objective Goals. **This is key** When you set up objective goals, you create what I call your “Why”. Your Why is your spark that will ignite the flames of motivation. The goal must be objective, though, and not based in self-judgment. For example, having a goal to lose weight is based in self-judgment and causes you to beat yourself up before you even start. This type of goal actually de-motivates. Instead, create a goal for running a faster 5K time, getting stronger in key lifts, or a physique goal that makes you feel good. It should also be a stretch to reach this goal, but it should be doable over time. 

 2. The 10-Minute Rule. On days where motivation is lacking, just tell yourself you’ll work out for 10 minutes, or you’ll just go to the gym to warm up. By setting the bar low, you make it easier to just show up. And as we all know, showing up is half the battle! Nine times out of ten, you’ll get a great workout in. 

 3. Treat Yourself. Set mini goals within your main goal, and create some rewards for reaching each mini goal. Make sure these rewards are not food-related. Some good examples include getting a pedicure, a trip to the beach, or a new workout top. 

 4. Caffeine. If you’re low on energy, have a shot of espresso or a bit of caffeine. This can improve energy levels and can help with boosting motivation. 

5. Reduce Friction. If you’re able to cut down the steps to getting ready to train, you’ll greatly reduce friction and the amount of excuses you could make for not working out. Lay your clothes out ahead of time, so it’s easy to change and go train. You’ll be amazed at how well this simple trick works. 

6. Find Something that Moves You and You’ll Keep Moving. Not everyone likes lifting weights, and you can become very fit via hundreds of ways. Find something that you enjoy doing, and you’re more likely to stay motivated. 

7. Accountability Partner. If you have a hard time with motivation and consistency, a partner can help. This can be a gym buddy, an online group, or even an app. If you need to check in regularly, you’re more likely to stay on track. And with ever-improving types of technology, there’s an accountability partner for anyone’s needs. 

8. Make it Official. Set appointments in your calendar for training. Tell yourself that you’ll keep these appointments, just like you’d keep any other appointment you’d set with a professional. By setting aside time for yourself, it can make it easier to get and stay motivated. Work on your Why! Keep it out in plain sight, so you’re constantly reminded of what you’re looking to accomplish. Do it for you! 

And do it because YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!

Keep in mind that motivation comes and goes, but your will and your resolve are constant.

You have within you, the strongest force in the universe… you just need to apply it 🙂

Go get ’em!!!

And train hard, y’all!!

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Erin Stern

Erin Stern

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